Kendra Mei Chailyn

A missing priceless piece of art and an impromptu trip to Russia– what could possibly go wrong?
Amelia Hemmingway’s estranged father goes missing for ten years and in one day, he manages to upturn her perfect life. Soon, she’s hurtling to the cold white north of God’s Nowhere, North Bay. Even though all she wants to do is hide, Amelia knows if she wants her life back, she will have to fight. To make matters worse, the man who is supposed to protect her is a grumpy as all hell, wolf owning, ex Canadian Special forces soldier.

Could things get any worse?

Ex-JTF2 soldier Liam “Wraith” Snyder never thought he would ever step foot back on Russian soil much less be dodging bullets and playing chicken with armed crooks. He is way too old for that mess. But when Amelia shows up on his doorsteps, a promise Tex made to her father will come back to haunt Liam.

As the bullets fly, and they venture deeper and deeper into the frozen tundra, it will take all his connections to get them out alive—and keep his heart.