Wolf and the Wild Scots
Keira Montclair

​​Jackson MacBride thought he knew his father well, but after his dad dies in a car accident, blackmailers contact him. His father owed them money, and now they want it from Jack. Desperate to protect his girlfriend, Mila, Jack gives them what he thinks they want and runs to his dad’s old fishing cottage. The last thing he expects to encounter on the way is a kilt-clad Scotsman with a message for him: call Wolf. How could a stranger know about his Navy SEAL cousin? Is his imagination playing tricks on him?

When Jack disappears, Mila is anxious to find him—even more so when the ghost of a beautiful Scotswoman visits her and tells her Jack’s in trouble. The woman, Gwyneth Ramsay, is an ancestor of hers, or so she says, and she practically pushes Mila out the door. Stranger yet, she knows exactly where Mila can find Jack.

Reunited with the help of two spirited ghosts, Jack and Mila contact Wolf. The situation they’re in is too complicated for the police, and besides, there’s evidence the local force has been compromised. With the help of Wolf and the two wild Scots, can they defeat their foes and ensure their future happiness?