The SEAL's Surprise Twin
Rachel McNeely

Dr. Anais Kenly and her twin sister Anya are on the run, forced to flee their comfortable lives in North Carolina and go to ground all the way to across the country in California. So why, when it’s so important to stay under the radar, do they keep jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Chief Petty Officer Kijika “Shadow” Gibson can’t believe his eyes when he sees the news footage of the two pretty women freed from a bank hostage situation. Despite his best efforts, the determined bachelor hasn’t stopped thinking about gentle Anais since meeting the twins during a top secret mission with his SEAL team. And now, here she is again. Of all the luck.

Anais and Anya are used to looking out for each other, but they’re no match for the killer on their trail. When the bullets start flying, Anais knows Shadow is exactly the warrior they need to keep them safe. Even if it means opening her fragile heart to a man determined to keep his safely locked away.