The SEAL's Surprise Mission
Rachel McNeely

   Vivian Seaborn has come a long way since she was a shy high school girl with an overbearing, social climbing mother in small-town Montana. Then, her only rebellion was her crush on sweet, serious senior Taylor Bartlett. So how’d she find herself on the run from a gang of thugs in the Middle East looking to get their hands on top-secret information that literally fell into her lap?

SEAL sniper Hawke Bartlett can’t believe his eyes when he sees the foreign correspondent his team is dispatched to rescue. Vi is brave, bold and the pretty girl from his youthful fantasies has grown into a raven-haired stunner. He’d be a fool to trust her with his heart after the way she stomped on it before. Besides, she’d never be able to handle the uncertain, stressful life of a SEAL’s wife.

Vi might trust the sexy blond warrior with her life, but her heart? Her mind’s not so sure, but her lonely soul insists he’s a man worth fighting for.