Summer Breeze
Jesse Jacobson

​Rose Summer makes her first trip back to Summer Breeze Ranch in more than a decade for the funeral of her grandfather, who had died of a heart attack. When Rose arrives she discovers her grandfather was deep in debt. Representatives from a coal mining corporation offer to buy the ranch, and the offer is tempting, that is, until she discovers that if the company begins to mine the property the coal ash will pollute the fresh waters flowing into the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.

When Rose refuses to sell, she quickly discovers that the mining company is unwilling to take no for an answer. They then begin strong-arm tactics and Rose discovers that her grandfather's death may not have been caused by a heart attack after all. She suspects the company had him murdered because he wouldn't sell. Fortunately, Rose has made a local friend, a young, former Navy SEAL named Red Feather, whose attraction to Rose is as strong as his distaste for the coal mining company. Sparks fly between Rose and Red Feather and the fireworks over the future of Summer Breeze Ranch begins in earnest. When it looks like tension is set to explode, Red Feather calls in his former SEAL team brother, Matthew "Wolf" Steel for help.