Split Screen Scream
Debra Parmley

​Christie is excited about plans to attend the movie premier of Turn and Deliver, Cole Kennick’s new action adventure movie. It’s the anniversary of D-Day, and she and her best friend Tanya are all dolled up like nineteen forties bombshells for a fun girls night out. When Tanya bails at the last minute, Christie enters the theater alone, looking for a place to sit.

Reed heads to the theater, to see the action adventure film, after he lucks into a last minute ticket via the local radio station. He lucks out again when a blonde haired, green-eyed bombshell, who could’ve walked straight out of an old pin up poster, sits next to him. But his luck turns when a live shooter fires into the crowd.

Christie doesn’t realize she’s seated next to a Navy SEAL who may save her life and the lives of others. Or how life can change with one split screen scream.