Saving Sarah
Amy Briggs

Flight attendant Sarah Kennedy, is still recovering from her kidnapping, simply going through the motions. Between the sleepless nights, and indifference to just about everything around her, she’s developed a deep-seated inability to find happiness. Hoping that a visit with Rayne, her friend with whom she was held captive in Egypt, will help her move forward, she spends a week with her to get away from the self-imposed solitude that’s been keeping her down.

What she didn’t expect was to meet someone who would ignite the sparks she’d always been missing.

Colin Walsh, counter-terrorism specialist in the Army, has been stationed at Ft. Hood for over five years, and intends to make a career of it. Recently returning from a deployment to the Middle East, he’s bored and anxious to get back in the field, until he meets Sarah Kennedy, the flight attendant with the sad eyes, who’s just in town for a visit.

Can the uncompromising soldier, committed to his service, find happiness with the tormented flight attendant? Find out what happens when Sarah and Colin’s worlds collide in Saving Sarah.