Saving Scarlett
Shauna Allen

How does an elite United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance warrior cope when his mission is over? 

Sidelined by a devastating injury courtesy of the Mexican drug cartel his team has been hunting with their newest partners, the Navy SEALs, Johnny “Bubba” Ray is back home on his Texas ranch recuperating and counting down the days until he can rejoin his unit. To make matters worse, the girl who got away is now living and working on his family’s property, making his recovery all the more painful because she is still very much off limits.

Scarlett Rayburn never thought she’d be a widow at her age, much less left alone with two small boys and a closet full of painful secrets her “hero” husband took to his grave. Two years later, she’s picked up the pieces and gotten on with her life . . . at least until her husband’s best friend, Johnny Ray, showed back up after being shot, as sexy and standoffish as ever.

As Johnny and Scarlett spend time together, the truth finally comes to light and hearts are opened, but all too soon, Johnny gets word the cartel is on the move and a little too close for comfort. When the dangers that brought Johnny home come banging on the front door of the ranch, will his team make it in time to help them survive or will he and Scarlett be left to work together to protect what they cherish most? 
More importantly, can they break through each other’s walls and finally claim the love that has eluded them both?
~ ~

Continue the hunt that began with Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs and my Marine Corps Reconnaissance team from Defending Danielle and Rescuing Rebekah, as they take aim at the Mexican drug cartel and their bloodthirsty hacker, El Lobo Blanco—the only one who can give Tex a run for his money—as this game of cat and mouse becomes dangerously more personal.