Saving Satin
Rose Smith

After their last taxing mission, the SEAL team needs a vacation. Faulkner “Dude” Cooper convinces Wolf, Mozart, Abe & Cookie to join him on a week long High-Roller-Holiday to Sin City—all expenses paid.

His friend, Chloe Stevenson, who now calls herself Satin, is a hostess at Chance’s Casino Royale. She’s been asking Dude and his friends to come as the guests of her billionaire boss, but Dude senses there is something she’s not telling him. If it weren’t for her, he’d never have met the love of his life, Cheyenne. Now, it looks like it’s his turn to help his friend.

Satin has it all. Looks, a glamorous job at a fancy casino, and more money than she’s ever had in her life. So what is making her so miserable? ‘Whatever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, but what happened in San Diego has followed her here and now threatens her livelihood. She’s tired of running.

Jeffrey “Canyon” Williams is on the hunt for the truth about what happened to Chloe Stevenson. The girl he fell in love with 10 years ago. The one who calls herself Satin and hides her pain behind her theatrical makeup and crimson lipstick. He knows she’s running from the truth about what happened in San Diego the night her life turned on a dime. And he knows if she keeps running from the truth, she’ll destroy any chance she has left of happiness.

And just when things look like the SEALs are going to get the fun in the sun they need—Satin and her friend, Kelly, go missing. Can Canyon and the SEALs save them in time?