Saving Lorelei
Julia Bright

Lorelei Lang has no idea how to get her sexy customer's attention, but she's willing to do almost anything to meet him, even something as crazy as asking him out for coffee when he comes in to make a deposit at the bank where she works.

Sergeant Liam "Whisper" Davidson grew up being passed from family member to family member, and he learned the hard way that squeaky wheels earned attention, just not the right type. Army life fit him perfectly and moving into Keane "Ghost" Bryson's Delta Force team was a dream-come-true. 

When he glimpses the beautiful siren at the bank, he wonders a lot of things, mostly if she was single. When all hell breaks loose at the bank, Liam is unarmed and has no way of fighting back, but Lorelei's as strong and resourceful as she is beautiful. Together they make a great team, but can they work outside of a stressful situation or will their whisper of a relationship be blown away?