Saving Grace
Shauna Allen

Lucas “Lucky” Moore has a one-track mind and one thing on his agenda:

Track down the Mexican drug lord that has made it his mission to hunt and eliminate Lucky’s Marine Reconnaissance team, their families, and the SEALs working alongside them, and end his reign of terror permanently.

Working with Tex, the SEAL computer genius, the teams have come to realize the only way to find the elusive kingpin is through his deadly hacker, El Lobo Blanco—The White Wolf.

But who is the mysterious person behind the computer screen who always seems to be one step ahead?

Enter Grace Trevino . . . exotically beautiful, dark, and dangerous.

Her ties to the cartel run deep.

But how deep?

When she reaches out to Lucky, desperate for help, can he afford to turn away the one person who may be able to stop this madness forever? As their explosive chemistry reaches epic proportions, he’s left with even bigger questions—is she really who she says she is? Can he trust her with his life? With his heart?

~ ~

Continue the hunt that began with Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs and my Marine Corps Reconnaissance team in Defending Danielle, Rescuing Rebekah, and Saving Scarlett as they close in on the Mexican drug cartel and their bloodthirsty hacker, El Lobo Blanco—and things twist, turn, and burn!