Rescuing Samantha
Nicole Flockton

An RPG attack. A career in turmoil. A life teetering on the edge.

Empty and lost, former Navy SEAL Beck, stands at a crossroad. A job opportunity in New York is as far away from his previous world, as he can get. Only life has other plans for Beck and he finds himself back on the West Coast doing personal security for an up and coming Hollywood actress.

Samantha needs help, but won’t admit it. Her lifestyle has put her family in the line of fire. To protect them, she cut ties with everyone and decides to go it alone. After an accident on set, she concedes she needs help and agrees to a bodyguard following her every move.

The simmering attraction between Samantha and Beck escalates until they can’t ignore it. But when Samantha’s life is put in danger, can Beck face his shortcomings and keep her safe?