Rescuing Rebekah
Shauna Allen

Tanner “Maverick” Richardson has learned the hard way not to take life too seriously—except for his job as a member of an elite United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Unit. This calling gives him a purpose and helps to cleanse the stains of a past he’d rather forget . . . at least until a previous mission returns to haunt them, thrusting him right back into the middle of his most painful memories . . . but this time, maybe he can find his way to salvation with the help of one tiny, beautiful, blonde package.

Rebekah Keegan takes pride in being an independent woman. Orphaned as a child, she supports herself and her ailing grandfather, and it’s just them against the world—but even she can admit it would be nice to have someone to help shoulder the burden, especially when she starts to feel someone watching her. Little does she know she’s not as alone as she once thought. She had no idea she had a family, much less a long-lost cousin who is none other than John “Tex” Keegan, one of the most beloved and badass Navy SEALs of all-time.
So who is this handsome stranger who claims her cousin sent him to save her?

Can she trust him? Can she trust her heart?

Ultimately, she may not have a choice. He’s there on a mission to protect her from the newest Kingpin of the deadly Mexican drug cartel that has put the Marines and SEAL team that took down his mentor, and everyone they care about, in his crosshairs. This leader is more brutal, more blood-thirsty, and more hellbent on revenge than his predecessor, and he’s already begun his devious plot of vengeance by contracting the most dangerous hacker around—the only one who can rival Tex, and who has already figured out how to hit the team where their heart is.​​