Rescue Me
Heather R. Blair

Rett Davis doesn’t rescue people. Not anymore. The former Special Forces operative has made a quiet home in the mountains of Idaho, surrounded by solitude and the horses that need him. He prefers four-legged creatures to the two-legged kind anyway.

Until he lays eyes on her.  

Izzy Kozlov doesn’t lean on anyone. It isn’t safe. But when the young dancer’s past catches up to her in the most violent of ways, she doesn’t have a choice.

The big man with the dark eyes and the perpetual scowl won’t give her one.

Rett is determined to keep Izzy safe, but she’s just as determined to keep her secrets. When a storm sweeps down off the mountain and those secrets come calling at last, Rett must perform one more rescue… 

And hope it doesn’t go like the last one.

Come read about the men and women of Purgatory, Idaho, perpetually caught somewhere between heaven and hell. *Rescue Me features Dane “Fish’ Munroe from Susan Stoker’s Rescuing Bryn.