Remember Me Always
Jen Talty

Gunner Davidson walked away from the love of his life after tragedy stuck and he never looked back. Not even when his ex-girlfriend sent him letter after letter. He didn’t open a single one. Just tucked them away in a box and pretended to have a satisfying life as a paramedic with the Air Force Fire Protection Specialists. While dispatched on a 9-1-1 suicide call, Gunner is forced to relieve the worst day of his life…and his past collides with a future he didn’t know he had.

While he wasn’t prepared to see Arcadia Bloomingdale, he’s in total shock to meet his ten-year-old son. He vows to make it up to his son…as well as Arcadia.

However, when an investigation of rape and murder put his son and Arcadia in danger, Gunner will do whatever it takes to protect them and ensure they have a second chance at being a family.