Redeeming Brianne
Shauna Allen

DeAndre “Tito” Johnson has led his United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance team through countless battlefields and thousands of hours of recon collection. As a proud warrior and no-nonsense leader, he would gladly take a bullet for any one of the men on his team—because they are more than fellow Marines. They are family.

Working with the Navy SEALs on their current op, they have taken down the Mexican drug lord, Marco Esteban, and crippled his cartel. Now, they are closing in on terror mastermind, Mustaf Al Shadeek, the last piece of the puzzle.

Or is he?

Both scumbags used the elusive and dangerous hacker, El Lobo Blanco—The White Wolf—to intimidate and infiltrate their networks. But the U.S. military has The White Wolf now . . . and she isn’t all that intimidating anymore.

In fact, Brianne Kennard claims she was a victim and that she wants to take down Shadeek as much as they do. But something in Tito’s Marine training and hard-as-nails mind doesn’t want to trust her, no matter how beautiful and vulnerable she seems or how his traitorous body desires her.

But when Shadeek’s threats hit too close to home, something deeper and more primal knows he may have no other choice.

***Don’t miss the epic conclusion to the saga that began in Defending Danielle and continued on through Rescuing Rebekah, Saving Scarlett, Saving Grace, and Protecting Carissa! ​