Protecting Shane
KD Michaels

​She's a bookworm with a past and a dream.
He's a college football star that all the girls chase and dream about.

Shane Graves hates being the center of attention. She makes it her entire mission to be invisible at San Diego University. She's been successful for 4 years at accomplishing that until her college professor asks her to help a fellow student with their final project.

Pattrick 'Flash' Jones has dreams that most don't understand. He's a college football star with scouts begging him to go pro, but all Pattrick dreams about is following in his father and uncles footsteps after graduation.
When fate steps in and brings these two together, their pasts have a way of causing mayhem. Shane goes missing and all hell breaks loose in San Diego. Will the SEALs and Alpha Squad find her in time or will it be too late??