Protecting Honor
Jesse Jacobson

​Honor Carpenter is a beautiful, intelligent, but shy woman, still recovering from a horrifying experience from her past. She is alone, returning to Seattle from her first solo road trip. A flat tire and looming snowstorm threatens to leave Honor stranded in the middle of Central Washington. She meets Navy SEALS Trevor Saunders and Matthew “Wolf” Steele, along with his wife Caroline. They come to Honor’s aid.

The physical attraction between Honor and Trevor ignites almost immediately. At a roadside diner, Wolf notices that five dangerous looking men have taken a strong interest in their presence.

With the snow storm pounding outside, Honor takes refuge with Caroline and the Navy SEALS in a secluded lodge Trevor plans to renovate. The romance between Trevor and Honor begins to blossom but is interrupted when a deadly situation develops. The five men from the diner have followed them and brought more men as backup, surrounding the lodge and disabling Trevor’s truck.

With no outside communication and few resources, Wolf and Trevor must unravel the mystery as to why they are being followed and call on all their SEAL training and experience to protect Honor and Caroline. “Protecting Honor” culminates in an explosive, action-packed sequence of events.