Protecting Goddess
LeTeisha Newton

​Viktor “Snake” Franklin loved Akwasi “Goddess” Onwuachimba, and it broke him. She couldn’t see past the deceit, and he was too angry to explain himself. He buried his soul in SEAL missions with his teammates, thinking he’d left his heart behind.

The past has a way of catching up.

From their union came a child Viktor knew nothing about until Akwasi’s death became public. Al-Saif, a rich influencer of ISIS stationed out of Qatar, takes credit for the USO Concert attack which took Akwasi’s life. Revenge seems like the perfect remedy, but things change when an SOS message received by John “Tex” Teegan has only four words: Tell Snake I’m alive.

Snake is on a rescue mission to save the mother of his child, and just maybe his heart. For this SEAL, no one gets left behind.