Protecting Beca

 Detonation in five...four...three...

All Rebeca Shaw wanted was to have a girls-only getaway with three of her closest friends. She never expected to meet the gorgeous, super sweet Navy SEAL that sweeps her off her feet.

Special Warfare Operator Jason Buckley of SEAL team Alpha is the fifth wheel on a luxurious Caribbean vacation. He’s afraid of commitment. 
Afraid of loving someone and not coming home. 
Afraid of someone finding out his darkest secrets.

But one glimpse of Beca has him rethinking everything. 

It's love at first sight, but now their feelings will be put to the test.

One pleasure cruise.

One random circumstance.

One chance at saving the lives of innocent civilians – including his new-found love.

When danger surrounds them, does Jason have what it takes to protect Beca?