Protecting Beauty
MJ Nightingale

​John “Tex” Keegan thought his Clearwater vacation would be nothing but smooth sailing, cocktails, and baby making with his wife, Melody. But not even a week into his belated honeymoon, the past hurtles to the present to haunt him. And, the ghosts won't let go. Tex is taken back in time to a dark place, a time before he lost his leg, and before he became a Navy Seal. A time when a young Beauty suffered on his watch. And she wasn't alone. There were others. So many needless victims on his watch.

Katarina Marino has moved on with her life. Orphaned, a ward of the state, kidnapped, a sex slave, and preyed upon by a serial killer, she has been to hell and back. Though she survived it all, her past may threaten her future once more. 

SEAL of Protection by Susan Stoker meets The Bounty Hunters by MJ Nightingale. What will happen when these two worlds collide? Retired Navy Seal, and former FBI agent Tex Keegan will come across his first case, the case that soured him on the slow wheels of justice, and tortured him for over a decade, making him the man he has become. Living through it again is something he never wanted to do.