Kendra Mei Chailyn

Weeks after hell broke loose in Rotterdam, Daniel "Pitbull" Hunt finally gets a chance to take a vacation. With Tex and Mozart in tow, he jets off to adventures in Canada. When he receives a phone call that plunges him back into his past, he is beyond livid.
Anke Fisher's best friend is missing. To make matters worse, the cops around her area are no help. Frustrated and with nowhere else to turn, she puts in a call to Daniel Hunt. But the sexy, stud of a man wants nothing to do with her or her problems.
With bullets flying, Anke begins seeping beneath his skin. But Pitbull knows, no matter what happens, he cannot fall for Anke for about to be drawn into a past he's been running from. Those who pull him in will learn, when Pitbull gets angry, things go boom!