Are you an author or aspiring author who wants to write fan-fiction? 
​Aces Press wants you! 

Special Forces: Operation Alpha is an amazing world where you can read/write about Wolf, Abe, Cookie, Mozart, Dude, Benny & Tex, (SEALS) and/or Ghost, Fletch, Coach, Hollywood, Fish, Beatle, Blade & Truck (Deltas).

Police and Fire: Operation Alpha is a fasinating world where you can read/write about Dax, Cruz, Weston, Quint, Cade (Sledge), Hayden, Crash, Chief, Conor, TJ, Squirrel, Calder, Driftwood, Taco, Moose, and Penelope.

What do I need to know about writing in Susan's world?
1. You have to use at least one of Susan's characters in your story.
2. You can write as long/short a story as you want.
3. You will submit your completely edited and proofed story along with your cover.

That's it! 
Why would I want to write in another author's world?
1. If you are a fairly new author, or an author who is looking to expand your audience, fan fiction is a good way to do it.
2. Susan has some of the most awesome reader's around!
If you want more information, please contact Aces Press at:
Author testimonials

Samantha A. Cole:

 "I absolutely adore Susan Stoker's Delta Force Team and was thrilled I could 'borrow' her characters and write for the Special Forces: Operation Alpha world! I've written two books in her world and will definitely be penning more in the future. It's an honor to be among the amazing authors who have also joined the ranks of this wonderful world!"

Silver James: 

"Susan Stoker created amazing heroes in her Delta Force, SEAL of Protection, and Badge of Honor series. Then she proved how awesome she is by opening up those worlds to those of us who wanted to play with her “guys.” With four books set in her Special Forces: Operation Alpha world using her characters from Delta Force and the SEALs, I’ve been privileged to introduce my characters and world to her readers and my readers to Susan’s worlds. Her enthusiasm is contagious and being one of her authors is an honor."

Brynne Asher:

"Susan Stoker has taken the "Kindle World" idea and improved it tenfold. Aces Publishing is a seamless publishing company that puts both the reader and the author first. Reaching international readers and offering books to be read for free on Kindle Unlimited, contributing authors are given a vast market. Susan has built a large and dedicated following for her World books. As one of the inaugural authors to sign and publish with Aces, I can attest to the fact I gained readers and my independent publications had a tremendous uptick in sales. I could not be more pleased with the results and recommend Aces publishing to both new and established authors alike."

Kendra Mei Chailyn

"I've been in this industry a while and I've written with and for quite a few people. Susan Stoker was amazing when I reached out to her about writing in her world and has helped me every step of the way. She's answered all my questions and works tirelessly to ensure I do well in the world."

Kathy Ivan

"Writing in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha world is a blast. Getting to play in her sandbox with such awesome characters, and bring my own into the mix—priceless! I wrote three stories while they were part of her Kindle World, and I’m already writing more, because it is so much fun. And Susan’s enthusiasm and sheer joy at working with authors writing in the Special Forces world is unparalleled. More stories? Count me in!" -- Kathy Ivan, USA Today Bestselling Author

MJ Nightingale

“Writing in Susan Stoker’s world was phenomenal. Her characters are amazing and continuing their stories so much fun. The added bonus, you get to know Susan Stoker and her amazingly loyal fans. The exposure is an added bonus!”

Heather Long

"When Susan Stoker invited me to play in her world, the opportunity flattered me. What I didn't realize was just how much fun I'd having with the writing, how fantastic it would be to network with the other fabulous and supportive authors, or how vibrant and loyal her fanbase is. Exposure is just the cherry on the top of the magnificent sundae. Saying thank you would never encompass how rewarding the experience has been. Every story, every adventure--Susan has had our backs."

NIcole Flockton

"I never imagined what a difference writing in Susan Stoker's world would mean to my career. I've had the opportunity to get my work in front of a whole new audience who have embraced my characters and stories, not to mention network with fabulous, professional authors. Susan is a dream to work with and I love all her characters and her books. I can't wait to add more stories to her extended world."

Casey Hagen

"​If you’re looking for the opportunity to tap into the ravenous fan base of a brilliant leader with balls-to-the-wall energy, an impeccable work ethic, and a professional, capable team under her, look no further than Susan Stoker and her worlds! My success as a writer has reached new heights only because Susan gave me the platform to do it. She has a refreshing approach to how she interacts with her fan base that keeps them active on her page and hungry for more stories…and bonus, she doesn’t bog writers down with forcing them into stale marketing tactics that are no longer effective. On top of that, she looks out for the professional interests of the authors she takes under her wing. I can’t recommend working with Susan and her right hand, Amy, enough. They’re easy to communicate with and always kind, no matter what I’ve needed."

Jenika Snow

“You can’t go wrong writing for Ace’s Press. Not only has Susan set up an amazing world and multi-dimensional characters, Ace’s Press is professional, prompt, and encourages creative freedom from their authors. Highly recommended working with them!”

Casey Hagen

"Every book I've written in Susan Stoker's world has not only been some of my best work, but I've had the most fun writing them. It's not just using some of the characters Susan has created in my novels, but the support that Susan and her staff have given me has gone above and the beyond. I have five books currently and am adding many more. You can't go wrong with aces press."

Riley Edwards
"Writing in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha universe has been a game changer for my career. I went from making hundreds a month to thousands in one month. Fast forward seven months and my income has continued to raise into the five-figure range. That is the Susan Stoker effect. Not only does she promote you in front of her audience but behind the scenes she is always working hard to improve an already awesome system. Beyond the money, which is icing, Susan has provided me with something far more valuable, her time. She’s never too busy to help you work out a plot line, help you figure out where and how to use her wonderful characters, and of course there’s the 85% drama. I can’t say enough about Susan, she is one of a kind. You can’t go wrong working with Ace’s Press. Then there’s Amy… sigh… she is awesome too. Always there to check numbers, update, and order your paperbacks. They are both rock stars!"

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