Mia Rowland is happy in her quiet, comfortable, and highly predictable life in Washington DC. Her work as an accountant for professional athletes is all the excitement she can stand. Her peace is destroyed when the suspicious death of a colleague reveals secrets involving Mia’s firm and a terrorist organization.

Navy SEAL Ben Wells is in DC transitioning from his team in San Diego to a deeply covert military unit, the existence of which is known only by the highest level government officials. He’s knocked sideways when he’s set-up on a blind date with Mia, she’s beautiful, sexy and one of the smartest women he’s ever met. He just didn’t have any idea it could all blow up in his face…literally.

Moment after moment, kiss after kiss, suspicious things begin to occur and soon these strange coincidences begin adding up; Ben realizes that Mia is a target. Together they uncover who is out after her, but by then it’s too late. Mia is captured and all hell breaks loose. Ben will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves, including laying down his life, but when faced with the choice to stop the ultimate terrorist threat or Mia’s life, how can he possibly choose?