Jostling Joker
Victoria Bright

The joker isn’t feeling like himself.
After the sudden death of his mother, Ethan “Joker” Carlton needed to get away. Renting a lakeside cabin at Big Bear Lake should’ve been the perfect getaway—until the cabin owner’s gorgeous, estranged daughter breaks in. Joker wanted to grieve his mother in peace, not play bodyguard. 

She couldn’t run forever.
Parker Lovick needed refuge from a violent ex-boyfriend out to get her. Her family’s summer cabin was the perfect place to regroup and figure out a plan, except she instead came face to face with a handsome, half-dressed man with a gun trained on her when she arrives. 

What should’ve been a quick trip to the grocery store left Parker to fight for her life. With the help of Mozart and Summer, Joker must act fast to protect the woman that attached herself to his heart.

He’d already lost the most important woman in his life; he refused to lose the other.