Hiding Catherine

Captain Charlie "Bulldog" Green has just returned home from a mission that in his opinion went terribly wrong. He needs answers to who set his team up before another mission goes wrong. As a member of the elite Delta Forces, failure is not an option. On his way home he comes to the aid of Catherine Cunningham, who is the only woman he has ever met that didn’t cringe at his scars. Charlie is not only scarred on the outside thanks to an IED but on the inside too. Past experiences with the fairer sex have taught him to be wary of women but Catherine wages an all-out war to win him over. Charlie doesn't need a distraction right now and tries to ignore the feelings Catherine invokes in him. Can he win the battle and keep his distance?

Catherine was having the worst luck when the man she had been lusting after for the past few months comes to her aid. She sees straight through his gruff exterior and scars and longs to know the man underneath but Charlie doesn’t make it easy for her. She’s lusted after him since the first time she saw him walk into the PX. He always wore a low baseball cap shielding the world from the scars that marred his face. She doesn't see the scars though. She only sees a man looking to be loved and accepted. As they get closer a dangerous past she thought she left behind catches up with her and threatens not only herself but the man she loves and all he holds dear.

Hiding Catherine is the first book in the Delta Force Guardians Series.