Guarding Cherish
Rose Smith

He walked out of her dreams and into her nightmares.

When super sexy ex-Navy SEAL Riley “Bulldog” Rousseau flirts with Cherish Reynolds on the train to Paris, the one thing he does instantly… is turn her off.

On her way to marry her dream man in the most romantic city in the world, some stereotypical French Casanova flirting with her is just an annoyance.

Cherish can’t wait for her happily ever after to begin. She just knows that after all she’s been through the last couple of years, life is finally smiling down on her.

But soon Cherish becomes embroiled in danger along with the nice American couple she meets on the train.

The last thing she needs now is for her world to be turned upside down by imminent danger. But, as Cherish Reynolds full well knows, life doesn’t always give you what you want.