Guarding Amberley
Nicole Flockton

Former Hollywood child prodigy Amberley Price is determined to forge a new career in screenwriting, but her A-list actor parents want her to get back into acting and marry a fellow A-lister herself. When she receives a big break to write the script for a major movie, she’s beyond excited. Even better, it leads her to reconnect with her best friend’s brother, who agrees to help with her research.  As her parents push their matchmaking agenda, Amberley makes a desperate announcement—that she’s already in a relationship. Too bad her faux-beau has no idea. 

Thomas “Red” Grant has no problem being the last single guy on his SEAL team. But when his teenage crush calls from the airport asking for a ride and a place to stay, he does what any man would—he collects and takes her back to his place. After weeks of texting and helping with her screenplay, having Amberley is in his home is beyond tempting. But he made a pact with his sister years ago to keep his hands off her—until he learns Amberley’s already declared them a couple.

Passion explodes between them, but when a gift from a stranger puts Amberley’s life in danger, Red will do everything he can to save her.