Gambling For January
EM Hayes
Sometimes, it takes a gamble to heal a broken heart.

After her sister disappears at the Windy Wood Casino, January Richards takes it upon herself to go undercover to find out what happened. While she's there, another waitress also disappears. And when January is attacked by a stranger, she's saved by the last man she ever expected to see again.

Unfortunately, it’s the same man who broke her heart fourteen years ago. Private investigator Troy Decker’s biggest regret is that he left his girlfriend the morning after prom. So when her older brother calls him up for help, he looks at this as his redemption. He just hadn’t realized how dangerous it can be at the Windy Wood Casino.

January and Troy will have to go all in to learn the casino’s dark secrets and save the two missing women. If they play the game right, they may find that those old feelings for each other never truly went away.