Force Projection

​Kyle Ripley
Growing up the daughter of the Knights MC’s President, people thought she had it all, but it was far from it. When the worst happened, she left it all behind her and focused on making something of herself, lending her skills to help her country. 
Kyle hadn't been ‘home’ for seven years, had never intended to go back. Then, just back from a contract with the military, she receives her orders from her uncle and employer, Duke, and returns. Working with the Knights brings her back into close contact with the one man she never wanted to see again, her father, but it also brings Jagger, the Knights VP. 

Trust is hard for her, but Jagger proves it's not wasted on him, until the one thing she never expected comes out.

Maddox ‘Jagger’ Carter
Being Vice President of the Knights MC came with a lot of responsibility. However, being approached to assist a group of ex-military personnel to intercept and stop human, drugs and munitions trafficking from South to North America was now top of Jagger’s list. 

Meeting the elusive daughter of his President and working closely with her changes things for him. There's another weight on his shoulders though - he knows the secret, but it isn't his to tell. When it comes out, lives will be changed and he knows he’ll have to fight the battle to keep Kyle beside him where she belongs. 
Taking down a trafficking ring isn't easy. Like an octopus their tentacles reach everywhere, and just as the net gets tighter around the ones they’re looking for they escape. Piece by piece they start to uncover the scale of the operation that they're fighting against. Even with the best-of-the-best amongst them will Force Projection make a difference? And can you win every battle?