Fighting for Nadia
Nicole Flockton

A Fresh start. One Chance encounter. The storm of the century.

Ex-Army surgeon, Mitchell ‘Buff’ Alexander has returned to his family ranch to try and rebuild his life. He lost a lot in the war, but not everything. He can still help at the Tarpley Volunteer Firefighter Department. Now, relationships, that’s a battle he’s not prepared to fight. He knows he’s better off alone. PTSD is the one thing Buff wished hadn’t followed him home. While in the throes of yet another attack, a stranger helps him in a way no other person has ever been able to. But she’s a complication he can’t deal with at the moment.

ER Doctor, Nadia Fletcher wants more than this small town has to offer. She sets her sights on a dream job at a bigger hospital. After helping Buff through a PTSD episode, she wants to get to know him, but he won’t give her the time of day. As doors open and close, Nadia finds a new path and sees that the Texas Hill Country and the people might be what she needed all along.
When the storm of the century hits their small town, Nadia and Buff reunite and work together to save lives, reigniting the spark between them. Buff wants to be the man Nadia deserves, but he’s drowning in his own hell. Will Nadia be the one to pull him to the surface or will fears keep them apart?