Fighting For Honor
Jesse Jacobson

​Life had been nearly perfect for Honor Carpenter over the last two years. She was surrounded by great friends and family, had a great job, and was now in a long-term relationship with the most incredible man she’d ever met, U.S. Navy SEAL Trevor “Bootstrap” Saunders.

Trevor and his friends, Matthew “Wolf” Steele and his wife Caroline, had saved Honor from a group of terrorists two years earlier. The radical group had sought to use her as a pawn to acquire secret propulsion technology from her father, a renowned aeronautics engineer. Trevor, Wolf, and Caroline had thwarted their plans.

The terrorists returned and this time, were better funded and better prepared. Honor is kidnapped by a Syrian dissident with ISIS connections and a dark personal agenda that would compromise national security in unprecedented fashion.

With the clock ticking Trevor Saunders once again enlists the aid of his friend, Matthew “Wolf” Steele, to execute a clandestine operation against overwhelming odds with the nearly impossible goals of both saving Honor and preserving national security.