Fighting for Brittney
TL Reeve

Single mom and experience meteorologist Brittany Hart has spent her career saving lives and proving she's more than a woman on the weather team. When she travels to Tarpley Texas with her best friend and Storm chasing teammate Calliope, running into her one-night stand that changed her life almost seventeen years ago was the last thing she expected.

After two tours in Afghanistan, Navy veteran, Dexter “Dirty-D” Walsh has found a new calling, volunteering with Tarpley's VFD as their paramedic. Seeing the one woman who rocked his world, years ago, brings back old memories. Only before he can get to her, she leaves, taking with her a young boy who reminds him of himself.

When the storm of the century begins to brew Brittany follows her instincts, ignoring the doubters, and returns to the small town of Tarpley. She knows the chances of her running into Dirty-D are high, but it's a small price to pay if she can warn the town before disaster strikes. Can she protect her son's heart as well as her own, or will the storm snatch everything important away?