Angela Rush

Daisy Robertson has a past, a secret. She’s determined to live her life alone while she is getting atonement for her past. She will never let anyone get close to her. She doesn’t deserve to have family, friends, or happiness. That all changes with a chance meeting on a plane.

Ace was immediately intrigued by Dr Daisy Robertson from the first moment he met her on a military transport plane. She was a mystery; he became determined to solve. Why would anyone, especially a female doctor volunteer to go into the combat zone? Not once, but several times? Did she have a death wish? Ace was going to find out this woman’s story and save her from herself if any way possible.

Daisy however had no interest in being saved must less getting to know the very nosey Marine Special Ops soldier. Daisy has a past that she isn’t ready to share with anyone. That past directly affects her choices in everyday life. However, as hard as she tries to deter him the man won’t give it up. He keeps after her until she finally gives in and answers his messages.

Before long, Daisy finds herself looking forward to his silly messages and learning more about the man. He isn’t all that bad and in reality, they have a lot of things in common. Months pass and Daisy’s feelings for Ace have grown. She is beginning to look forward to returning Stateside and perhaps begin a real relationship with Ace. However, the effects of her past come back to haunt her and causes her to risk losing any opportunity at ever seeing Ace again.

Can Ace save Daisy from herself destructive behavior? Can he show her there is so much to live for? Destiny once again intervenes to send a strong Alpha male into the path of an equally strong female so that they can both find love and happiness into their previously lonely lives.