Burning Skies
Jen Talty

​Scarlet Adison hated going to her aunt for help, but she had nowhere else to turn when her ex-boyfriend stopped paying child-support and disappeared. So, she packed up her things and moved to Cape Canaveral. Not even there for a day, her Aunt is called away to help a sick friend and Scarlet is asked to take over her aunt's job as a nanny.

Jaxon Stravos had never married. The mother of his precious daughter, Elle, had died shortly after Elle had been born. Balancing career and being a parent has been a struggle and he has no room for dating or women at all. When his long-time nanny needs to take a leave of absence to take care of a sick friend, she sends her niece. Not only was Jax ill-prepared to leave is little girl in the hands of a perfect stranger, but the young woman stole his breath, making him think and feel things he hadn't in years.

Jax does some digging into the background of Scarlet, and her ex-boyfriend, uncovering a dark past that could threaten to take away the very things Jaxon loves most.