Burning Lies
Jen Talty

Air Force Senior Fire Protect Specialist, Brayden “Brodie” Welch is at the height of his career and up for a promotion. He knows he’s going to get it until the unthinkable happens.

A fire on base takes the life of one of their own and Brodie becomes the center of the investigation.

When Air Force Investigation Officer Harper Dawson first meets Brodie Welch she sees him as the sexy as hell, but clean-cut boy next door type. That is until his missing gas can is found at the fire that took the life of a fellow Air Force fireman. Now Harper finds herself having to arrest the man she’s falling in love with.

Harper doesn’t want to believe, but the evidence against Brodie is too damaging to ignore.

However, when the investigation takes a dark and dangerous twist, Harper finds herself relying on Brodie. Together, in the burning ruble, they uncover lies so devastating it will change the direction of their lives.