Burning Kiss
Jen Talty

​Senior Firefighter, Hunter Jackson walked away from his country club and ivy league lifestyle when his mother ran off with his girlfriend’s father, destroying two families. Hunter joined the Air Force and became a Fire Protection Specialist, never looking back on his old life. He barely speaks to anyone in his family, but when his mother takes ill, and the love of his life shows up at his doorstep, begging him to see his mother, his world is turned upside down. Will he be able to deny a woman’s dying wish? Will he be able to protect his heart from the woman who stole it years ago?

Claire Thompson has never taken no for an answer, but she didn’t take ultimatums too well either. So, when Hunter Jackson demanded she turn her back on her father and runaway with him, giving up on college and her career, she said no and watched the only man she’d ever loved walk away. 

A decision she’s regretted for years.

With her father dead and Hunter’s mother dying, she decides it’s time to mend old fences and hopefully ignite the burning kiss that forever stole her heart.